Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

  • We wish to warmly welcome the amazing customers of ours who visited our site. Take my online class for me website’s user is associated with the policies & certain rules & therefore, is coupled by the Terms & Conditions, the declaration, the policies & privacy policies that define him. The list of all the conditions is given on our site. After the user has approved the given terms & conditions, you will be shown a box to complete the instructions to get to agree with our terms & conditions. Our website executes various rights whenever updating the terms and conditions without any earlier notice to our customers.
  • Our Company is not at all responsible for any sort of unethical, illegal, or any inappropriate use materials we deliver.
  • By the submission of payment as a user, you confirm that your purchase is utilized only for personal & non-commercial use.
  • Our platform automatically gathers some basic information about the website visitors like browser type, operating system, and visiting time. The data we collect is used to improve the website’s contents & better optimization of our services. We don’t share any personal information with third parties.
  • Your personal information is fully protected by our privacy policy and as a user or customer, you agree to deliver persona information desired by the company.
  • After your payment has been accepted by the Company for orders, we ensure that:

    The user will have the timely delivery or before the deadline, or not later than around 12 hours after the deadline has been passed.
    Unique content with online courses without any plagiarism directly.
    Consent with the important instructions delivered.
    Comments (if required) about your messages under 24 hours
    Non-disclosure of any useful/ personal information.
    Free to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time.
    Refunds (If available) with the cases defined in the agreement.
  • The customer is fully entitled to demand a 100% refund at the condition of non-delivery of intended documents because of the refusal of the Company.
  • The customer has the rights to request full refunds as per the terms and conditions under the 14 days of the transfer of scheduled courses ( Not in case of any error in payment: if the user paid twice or more for the similar order, only single filling order or/and during duplicate billing). After the completion of 14 days period, all claims & refund demands are rejected.
  • The company is not at all responsible for any delay in accessing the website at your university or school. However, our support team is available day & night to provide you desired help.
  • If a user cancels the online course or online class assigned to the company under any circumstances, then the company has the complete right to make the further decision regarding the specified situation.
  • As per the policy of returning the expert class on our platform online, the user can demand a complete refund under the 15 days of the request made by the customer for cancellation with the actual reason behind the cancellation. The company has the right to decide whether to give an amount or not.
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